Monday, June 14, 2010


Orikal Uno is on his Lil Wayne grind with recording over 30 songs already this year. He's been rocking with everyone it seems, check the list. Sab The Artist, Prof, Ganzobean, Chris Goodwin, Shells, Dilligent Intelligence, Status Reign, Anonimust, Try-D, Maria Isa, Dj Mindcontrol, JL Magee and Cherrelle. Never the less making the beat for "The Awful Truth" for Sab and Abstract Rude. Keep on the lookout for the Orikal Uno interview soon.
<a href="">Freedom 2010 by Orikal Uno</a>
<a href="">Desperado by Orikal Uno</a>
<a href="">Keep Dat by Orikal Uno</a>
<a href="">Sunlight by Orikal Uno</a>
Super Bonus Song! No Team In I (Exclusive) Orikal Uno & Prof - Rev It Up
No Team In I (EXCLUSIVE) Orikal Uno & Prof - Rev It Up Share



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