Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Phantom Balance is out for your ears with a take no prisoners type of attitude. And right-fully-so, the nature of their rhymes is on some selfish brutality. Their sound is eerily reminiscent of once super group Rubberoom out of Chicago. Their debut record "City of Smoke" arose from the ashes early this year to some pretty baller reviews, all a perfect representation for the record too.

Ezrah Ounce and Frank Villon, brothers live and die for Sioux Falls, SD, let that shit be known! Boom-Bap didn't miss Sioux Falls though, these guys have based their sound off of classical elements and seem to have perfected it through 6-7 years of making music together. Originally from Minneapolis, Mn the brothers took off for Sioux Falls for work and never really looked back.

The stand out track on the whole record is Track #2 titled "Back Again" produced by EMU, the lyrics and delivery of Ezrah and Frank blends nicely over this heavy breakbeat/sample based beat, and also reminds me of  "Flower" by Moby...which I love so it's a plus. If you find it dope, I beg you to drop a few duckets on it or at least give them dudes a holler for their work. Become a fan on Facebook!

Phantom Balance - Back Again


Friday, July 23, 2010


Emcee Kordell Stewart (slash...c'mon, I'm being witty) Deejay Tricky Dick & Producer/Emcee Dolla Bill make up the group The Continental Duo. They have been together for over 2yrs and have been working with Shells since 08'.. it was immediate chemistry. They're planning on releasing a full length before the end of the year so wait for that. Until then here's a track from their record called "100% Made With Love" and it displays the duo's funkiness and playful undertones. One of my favorites so far this year.
<a href="http://teamshells.bandcamp.com/track/100-made-with-love">100% Made With Love by Shells</a> Share


I'd like to introduce you to "The Super Incredible" a band of rappin ass ragamuffins consisting of emcee's Status Reign, JL Magee & Legend Has It. I've posted their "lost" album when they were known under a different name "The Youth." Which you can download here if so inclined. They've recently finished a new song called "We Got It Goin On!" which I've conveniently posted below for you downloadin ass mufuckahs. Visit them on Facebook for all news.
<a href="http://thesuperincredible.bandcamp.com/track/we-got-it-goin-on">We Got It Goin On! by The Super Incredible</a>

<a href="http://thesuperincredible.bandcamp.com/track/where-its-at">Where it's At!? by The Super Incredible</a>

<a href="http://thesuperincredible.bandcamp.com/track/the-story">The Story by The Super Incredible</a>

<a href="http://statusreign.bandcamp.com/track/tonight">Tonight by Status Reign</a>

<a href="http://statusreign.bandcamp.com/track/the-chorus">The Chorus by Status Reign</a> Share


2 new Orikal Uno tracks posted up on his bandcamp...both produced by C. Goody! Get your download on!

<a href="http://orikaluno.bandcamp.com/track/hovercrapht">Hovercrapht by Orikal Uno</a>

<a href="http://orikaluno.bandcamp.com/track/short-circuit-circus">Short Circuit Circus by Orikal Uno</a> Share


Slow Spokes is comprised of long time Twin Cities (MN) music vets DJ Green+EMS, BonaPhide, Idara and Shortee. With songs rooted in hip-hop the four emcees and DJ explore pop, electro, rock and club sounds. With imagery invoking 80's BMX culture, original B-Boy flavor and a party-centric vibe they're set to take the industry by storm and your ears along with it.
Slow Spokes - Crashing Down (Sirens)
Slow Spokes - Game Boy


Friday, July 16, 2010


Capaciti has been rocking mics in Minnesota for an insane amount of years and I still feel he's so slept on as an emcee and performer. He just put out a record with Awol One called The Demise Of Marilyn Handsome produced solely by Cheap Cologne which you can cop on iTunes right now, he's also put out a children's cd which I'll be uploading soon for everyone to grab for their kids and also has an insane record out with his DJ A-Scratch called Blind Cinema Sessions. He's working on a record now with his new group called "the earlybirds" which I just made a post on last night which is going to be dope and you can listen and download a track from that record below as a No Team In I EXCLUSIVE! Please show your props and purchase the Marilyn Handsome record on iTunes in support.

NT-Who are you? Where do you call home?
CAP-My name is Dave, but I go by Capaciti. I grew up in the northern suburbs of Minneapolis, but now reside in Coon Rapids.
NT-How long have you been making music?
CAP-All my life. At a young age in elementary school I would rap into a tape player and record myself while another tape player played the beat, as the years went on the recording equipment and the skills got better. I've been really serious about it for the last 10 years.
NT-What's one of your fondest memories of music as a kid?
CAP-I have so many. like getting those old Rap Attack tapes that exposed me to all sorts of great artists such as The Fat Boys, Beastie Boy's and Run DMC to just name a few, or how I felt when I first heard Eazy-E Eazy Duz It the first time and how radio wasn't wack back then.
NT-What kind of music was being played in your house growing up?
CAP-Mostly classic rock music like Black Sabbath, Aerosmith, The Doors also Elvis and the Beatles were big in our household. I have a deep love for oldies.
NT-You have kids, what type of music do they really enjoy listening too? The Critter Kids?
Yes, 3 kids.  Olivia is 10 and she likes Michael Jackson and Lil' Wayne, she also love's The Critter Kids album, she did background vocals on most my songs and even helped with concepts and writting some lyrics. Corbin is 3 and Alyse is 4 months old and they like whatever daddy likes.
NT-The critter Kids was a cd you recorded for a school right and the kids that went there? How did that come about?
CAP-A-Scratch's mom is a 1st grade teacher at West Salem Elementary School in LaCrosse WI. They wanted to raise money to help preserve a forest near the school, so we made a kids cd with an environmental theme. They incorporated it into there classes and even recorded the children, then sending A-Scratch the accapella's to use in the songs. It was a very fun project to be a part of and I plan on making another one in the future, actually collecting beats for it right now. Kid's love dope Hip Hop too.
NT-What groups or bands are you really digging right now?
CAP-I've been really into Jedi Mind Tricks lately and really digging what i've heard from Yelawolf. Also like what I've heard from Chief Kamachi, Slaughterhouse, Braille, and Deep Space5 lately.
NT-What's your cd/record collection like?
CAP-Diverse. Everything from System of a Down and Pantera to Oldominion and The Shapeshifters to Roger Miller and Elvis back to some Too Short and Lil' Wayne. I have a new found love for old country music too.
NT-Who were some of your inspirations in your early years? Who, after listening to it really made you decide to make music?
CAP-Run-DMC,The Beastie Boy's, L.L. Cool J, Slick Rick to name a few. The way it made me feel after hearing it was AMAZING!!! I'd say anything out on Def Jam in the 80's inspired me to make music. Cypress Hill is another group that inspired me alot when I was younger.
NT-Who do you think is the one producer or Emcee changing the game like he or they see fit, the way they want it without giving a damn?
CAP-As for a producer I've really been feelin is Jake One, Factor, and Dj Muggs has always been a favorite. And for Mc's I'd say Joell Ortiz and Braille but there are so many more. I think Ahmad's gonna come back HARD!!! locally I've always liked Bigg Jess's beats and don't sleep on Jaron of Westend Productions.
NT-In your mind is there any one or two records that is absolutely perfect or damn near close?
I used to think Cage "Hell's Winter" and El-P "I'll sleep when you're dead" but I'm not sure anymore??? I really think Devin the Dude's first album The Dude is pretty flawless and Outkast ATLiens is one of the best albums I've ever heard.
NT-Is there anything about those album(s) that you know they just "got it right"?
CAP-Down to the beats, rhymes, styles, hooks everything something you can rewind a million times and say" did you hear that" and it never gets old.
NT-Do you have any "desert island" records to share?
CAP-I couldn't do it. Maybe some old 60's music.
NT-What equipment are you working with in the studio?
CAP-I use a pen and notebook but also use a Bluebird microphone, M-Audio Profire 2626, Reason/Record, MPD32 and vinyl.
NT-Could you describe your music-making process?
CAP-Spontanious. I write what I feel and what I see. I freestyle alot and come up with lines or choruses, but usually let the beat lead me. Sometimes I write on the spot and sometimes I meditate on a song for a few weeks. I like to write stories. Sometime's I like to just go in the studio and pull up a random beat and just rap.
NT-How did you get hooked up with Awol One to record the Marilyn Handsome record?
CAP-I think it might of been 2006 when I met Awol through Dan at 10K Breaks. We recorded "12 step program" for Blind Cinema Sessions then did a show at the Dinkytowner and the next day went out for breakfast with Cheap Cologne and came up with the idea to record "Burnt Toast" off the Demise of Marilyn Handsome album. Then at a later date, maybe a year and a half later I went on a small midwest tour with Awol and Ecid which let us build more. We recorded the MH album in 2 days inbetween shows at Cheap Cologne's spot. I got to collab with some of my favorite underground artists on this record.
Marilyn Handsome - Burnt Toast
NT-How have people responded to the music you've have been making?
CAP-I think I've gotten a good responce. I think the music I make can appeal to all ages and people who enjoy all kinds of music. Atleast that's what I hope for.
NT-Is there any surprises or a record in the works right now?
CAP-I'm constantly recording and writting inbetween my busy life as a husband and father.....I formed a group with producer Jaron from West End Productions called "earlybirds." We have 50 some tracks lying around from the past year and a half, a nice chunk of them will make up our album called Collidoscope which is a mixture of potions we concaucted in the labratory to hit a wide variety of styles. Some of the others will make up a free EP that you can download soon after Collidoscope is released called Not Quite There. Look for that end of summer/fall. I'm feelin crazy thinkin I need to make more songs HA!
           I recently released a mixtape with A-Scratch called "I'm the Dj, He's the Rapper" This is something I've wanted to make for years. I wanted to help create a mixtape with more focus on the Dj and even mixing some personal favorites that influenced me as a child.
           I also plan on releasing a internet download for the publics ears called Eight and a Half Months which is a bunch of songs I recorded at Phingaz studio in 2008 that are personal and capture that time in my life. This will be my last solo release as Capaciti. Future projects will be with various groups and as earlybirds.
earlybirds - 88 bpm
NT-Are you picky when it comes to working with another emcee or producer?
CAP-Yes, sometimes?? not really, kinda!! I like someone who has a good work ethic, has raw rap abilities or production, open to acting a little bit strange and can be real on the m.i.c. and isn't afraid to show who they really are.
NT-Is anyone producing for you in particular right now?
CAP-I work with Jaron and A-Scratch right now and i'm very content with that. I always enjoy hearing other producers though.
NT-Have you been getting good press recently? Any blogs been a buzz with you lately?
CAP-No press recently. I haven't released much lately, but stacking up alot of songs ready for release very soon so hopefully a buzz will be caught.
NT-What's the perfect crowd to you?
people who listen.
NT-Do you have any shows coming up or tour dates?
Not as of now, but been working on a few, so keep your eye's peeled.
NT-What's your take on the internet, has it helped or hurt you in terms of reaching an audience or making your money?
CAP-I miss the day's when people actually bought cd's. I like the hand to hand combat of it, the interaction. I think the internet has made cd sales decrease and that's sad......BUT....on the flip side I ultimately want
people to hear my music so if someone downloads my album THAT'S DOPE!!!
NT-Where can people go to hear and buy your music?
Best way is to hit me up at davecupryna@gmail.com or myspace.com/earlybirdrap. I'm also at Cheapo, Fifth Element and Itunes. Add earlybirds on Facebook and myspace.
NT-Last question...when you hit the venue, what drink is getting ordered first?
CAP-I get a sprite, never really been a drinker.
NT-Anything else to add for the readers? Any shout outs?
CAP-Just to keep a look out for the new earlybirds record. "Collidoscope." Joe Wabs (Project 13) the 3rd member of earlybirds for playing bass on alot of our songs and peace to Big Jess for laying a inspirational verse for the new album, thanks. Shout out to No Team In I and Rock Box Blog for giving a place to put music up for download. I love you all!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Status Reign is a favorite of No Team In I and as you'll find out by listening to his lead single "Tonight" off his upcoming debut record Brutally Honest he's got a lot to say on a varied amount of subjects. His thought provoking topics can be felt by anyone and his staggering stage presence is astounding.

He's got an amazing amount of music to release and even more thought to get out of his head, so if you enjoy great music and more so an emcee with something to say while making music for anyone and everone you're in for a treat...I present to you Status Reign.
<a href="http://statusreign.bandcamp.com/track/tonight">Tonight by Status Reign</a>

The song is up for free download so please download it and share it with your friends and tell others to download it too.

You should also "Like" him on Facebook too!

He's also in a group called "The Super Incredible" which have a sew sigle out too called "Where It's At?!" you can download below.
<a href="http://graffrootsmedia.bandcamp.com/track/where-its-at">Where It's At!? by Graff Roots Media</a> Share

Sunday, July 11, 2010


DOWNLOAD The Release

01. Snake Oil – Cool-Aide (MiC K!NG & Chum) ft Slug of Atmosphere
02. Word Perfect – Cool-Aide (MiC K!NG & Chum) ft eLZHi of Slum Village
03. Shut Up And Rhyme – Mr. Mecca, PackFM, & Substantial aka Dominion -(produced by S.2)
04. Happy Days – Pack FM – (prod. by Tonedeff)
05. Absolutely Positive – Pack FM – (prod. by Domingo)
06. Don’t Stop (Vagrancy) – Substantial – (prod. by Tsutchie)
07. Do What We Gotta – Substantial & Burns ft. Kokayi
08. The W.W.K.Y.A. Tour – Substantial & Burns ft. Extended Famm
09. Return of the Bang Bang – Sadat X – (prod. by Will Tell)
10. Turn It Up – Sadat X ft & prod. by Pete Rock
11. In Da Jungle – Sadat X ft A.G. & Twan – (prod. by Diamond D)
12. Roll That – Sadat X ft Rhymefest – (prod. by Grant Parks)
13. Wherever – Sadat X ft. Shabaam Sahdeeq
14. Swerv – Sadat X ft. Swerv – (prod. by Will Tell)
15. Pray – Sadat X ft. Kurupt, Umi, M-1 (of Dead Prez) & Sir Jinx – (prod. by Sir Jinx)
16. Last Time Out – Sadat X ft. Twan, Sean Black – (prod. by Yuani)
17. I’m Ready – Substantial & Elias – (prod. by Fabio Musta)
18. Black Apache (remix) – Last Emperor – (prod. by Jay-Ski)
19. Gangsta Groove – Last Emperor – (prod. by Mega D.emus)
20. Hustler’s Theme – Last Emperor – (prod. by Beatminerz)
21. Mafia Don – Last Emperor – (prod. by Beatminerz)
22. Complex Simplicity – Pack FM ft. Last Emperor, & Many Styles – (prod. by Tonedeff)
23. You Talk 2 Much – Substantial ft. Last Emperor, & Session – (prod. by Tonedeff)
24. Untitled (Yeah) – KRS-One, Last Emperor, Young Zee, & Channel Live
25. Fine Art – Last Emperor
DOWNLOAD Science Team Go!
1. Last Emperor - Times Up 2012

2. Last Emperor - Mafia Don
3. Last Emperor - Charlie
4. Last Emperor - Gangsta Groove
5. Last Emperor - Monumental
6. Last Emperor - Incredible
7. Last Emperor - It's Not Enough (feat. Wordsworth)
8. Last Emperor - Not 2 Far (feat. Last Emperor & Tajai)
9. Last Emperor - Nile Nutrition (feat. Chief Kamachi)
10. Last Emperor - Mystery Man
11. Last Emperor - The Official (feat. Big Pops)
12. Last Emperor - The Anthem (feat. Baby Blak)
13. Last Emperor - Animalistics
14. Last Emperor - Evolution (feat. Vinia Mojica)
15. Last Emperor - The Booth
16. Last Emperor - Man of The Year
17. Last Emperor - Get Into It 2012
18. Last Emperor - Secret Wars Pt. 2
19. Last Emperor - Halftime Show Freestyle Share

Saturday, July 10, 2010


<a href="http://audio.freeminerbirds.com/album/fill-the-shelters">If You Were My Woman (I'd Carry a Gun) by Freeminer Birds</a>
<a href="http://audio.freeminerbirds.com/album/model-cities">Model Cities by Freeminer Birds</a> Share


<a href="http://theshadoworchestra.bandcamp.com/album/remaker-ep">Time and Distance by Shadow Orchestra</a> Share


Steel Phantoms are an indie rock band out of Brooklyn.

<a href="http://steel-phantoms.bandcamp.com/album/steel-phantoms">lobby lloyd by Steel Phantoms</a> Share


The triumphant return from the folks you never knew left. Orikal Uno, JL Magee, Legend Has It & Status Reign present a song off their mixtape called "That Ya'll." Expect more to be posted soon.

<a href="http://graffrootsmedia.bandcamp.com/track/that-yall">That Y'all by Graff Roots Media</a> Share


Animal Collective - "Lion in a Coma" from ori toor on Vimeo. Share


HEALTH - "Die Slow" (Tobacco RMX)

DOWNLOAD HEALTH - Die Slow (Tobacco Remix)

Tobacco - Songs To Get Killed In The Woods 2
01. Revelators "Serve the Man"
02. Gene Ween "Anything Quickly"
03. Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom "Rise" (excerpt)
04. Randall Kornkok "Connie Chung Wings"
05. Lungfish "Hear The Children Sing"
06. Mr. Airplane Man "Wait For Your Love"
07. Great Lake Swimmers "Moving, Shaking"
08. Phable (unknown song)
09. Freescha "Smurf Shoe"
10. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion "Flavor Pt 2"
11. Paul Duncan "Letdownville"
12. Odd Nosdam "Thank You"
13. TOBACCO "1-900-900-900"
14. Wheat "Deathcar"
15. Longmont Potion Castle "Vitamin Guy" Share


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