Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Phantom Balance is out for your ears with a take no prisoners type of attitude. And right-fully-so, the nature of their rhymes is on some selfish brutality. Their sound is eerily reminiscent of once super group Rubberoom out of Chicago. Their debut record "City of Smoke" arose from the ashes early this year to some pretty baller reviews, all a perfect representation for the record too.

Ezrah Ounce and Frank Villon, brothers live and die for Sioux Falls, SD, let that shit be known! Boom-Bap didn't miss Sioux Falls though, these guys have based their sound off of classical elements and seem to have perfected it through 6-7 years of making music together. Originally from Minneapolis, Mn the brothers took off for Sioux Falls for work and never really looked back.

The stand out track on the whole record is Track #2 titled "Back Again" produced by EMU, the lyrics and delivery of Ezrah and Frank blends nicely over this heavy breakbeat/sample based beat, and also reminds me of  "Flower" by Moby...which I love so it's a plus. If you find it dope, I beg you to drop a few duckets on it or at least give them dudes a holler for their work. Become a fan on Facebook!

Phantom Balance - Back Again




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