Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Status Reign is a favorite of No Team In I and as you'll find out by listening to his lead single "Tonight" off his upcoming debut record Brutally Honest he's got a lot to say on a varied amount of subjects. His thought provoking topics can be felt by anyone and his staggering stage presence is astounding.

He's got an amazing amount of music to release and even more thought to get out of his head, so if you enjoy great music and more so an emcee with something to say while making music for anyone and everone you're in for a treat...I present to you Status Reign.
<a href="http://statusreign.bandcamp.com/track/tonight">Tonight by Status Reign</a>

The song is up for free download so please download it and share it with your friends and tell others to download it too.

You should also "Like" him on Facebook too!

He's also in a group called "The Super Incredible" which have a sew sigle out too called "Where It's At?!" you can download below.
<a href="http://graffrootsmedia.bandcamp.com/track/where-its-at">Where It's At!? by Graff Roots Media</a> Share



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