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The next installment of "Musicians on Music" comes in the form of Rhymesayers/Hiero Imperium heavyweight Sab The Artist, although some older heads might know him under the Moniker Musab or the even older heads might remember Beyond. This dude was co-founder of your favorite Record Label Rhymesayers and has been producing pure quality music since before then. I mean this dude introduced Slug and Ant...which formerd your favorite group of all-time Atmosphere.
NT-Who are you? Where are you from and where are you now?
SAB-My name is Sab. Sab The Artist professionally. I'm a musician, song writer, vocalist, performer, audio engineer, etc. I'm from the Twin Cities, Minneapolis/St.Paul,MN. I grew up in south Minneapolis. I now reside in Las Vegas, NV. Although I'm like a leaf in the wind, I could land any where at any time.
NT-How would you classify your taste in music?
SAB-Vast. I'm not so much into a form of music as I am into the artist delivering it. I like watching an artist develop. Watching to see how far they are willing to stretch their rope. It's not hard to tell who spends the most time crafting their art. Who's not afraid to challenge the barriers of genre and sound. It's the artist for me.
NT-Is there a certain genre you really enjoy outside of hip-hop?
SAB-Definitely Pop/Rock. In my opinion Bob Marley is the greatest music artist of all time, but David Bowie is my favorite and ultimate artist of all time. I'm all about Journey, The Beatles, Billy Joel, Chicago, Phil Collins etc. If your doing music and don't wanna follow in those guys footsteps then please step aside. Your just blocking our path.
NT-Do you have any "desert island" records to share?
SAB-That's easy. An island? Give me Bob Marley's catalog.
NT-In your mind is there any one record that is absolutely perfect or damn near close?
SAB-Bob Marley is the greatest music artist of all time because he has the most perfect songs out of any one else. There's too many to name but stand outs are Michael Jackson - Thriller, Lauryn Hill - Miseducation, Snoop Dogg - Doggy Style (which in my opinion is the greatest rap album ever), Prince - Purple Rain, Bob Dylan - Blonde on Blonde.... I could get carried away.
NT-Is there anything about that/those album(s) that you know they just "got it right"?
SAB-No one knows exactly how a perfect album is made. I do believe timing is a big factor. I personally don't hear music, I feel it. When music is organic is when it has it's biggest influence. People are drawn to organic music, when they can feel it and not only hear it. So every perfect album we've heard is organic in someway. Maybe that's the secret.
NT-What was Hip-Hop like in the early 90's in Minnesota?
SAB-It was very organic. A hungry baby. We didn't know any better, we just wanted it.
NT-What was it like working on your first record "Comparison"
SAB-The final recording process was hectic. Me and Ant actually made most of those songs a couple of years before hand. When it came time to do the album we didn't know anything about big studio recording. We recorded the album at some guy's studio, listened and scrapped it. Then Siddiq went out and maxed his credit card on studio equipment, built a vocal booth in his basement and we got to work. We simultaneously recorded Comparison, Overcast and Dynospectrum. The rest is history.
NT-How did the Dynospectrum happen?
SAB-Me, Slug, Gene Poole and I Self were just constantly around each other vibin and making art. The name is a word I made up, there's a song on Comparison titled Dynospectrum. Slug said to me one day "we should call our group Dynospectrum". I said "word".
NT-Why the name General Woundwart?
SAB-I took the name General Woundwart from an animated film titled Watership Down. He's the leader of the villain rabbits. A real serious dude.
NT-Please tell me theres another Dynospectrum record in the works! It's honesty the illest group album to a whole lot of people...just say yes...please.
SAB-I can't say, LOL
NT-Who do you think is the one producer or emcee that's really changing the dynamic in hip-hop right now? is there one?
SAB-Changing the dynamics? That'd be Sab The Artist with Ganzobean and Ultra Chorus. And I'll give Kanye his props cause he's like the only dude people are thinking "what's he gonna do next?"
NT-How's it feel working with your sister Sandy?
SAB-Is it a long time coming? - Yea it's great, being able to share my dream with my sister up close is amazing. It's been forever in the making. We have so much in store for the world. Be on the lookout for some of our other siblings as well. We have a BIG family.
NT-How has the Leak Series been doing in terms of getting more people listening to your music?
SAB-The Leak Series has been fantastic. It's given me a creative runway to take off with everything I've been developing over the last few years. I'm happy with people's response, it's 90% great. It lit the fuse to the big bang.
NT-How has the push been for the leak series on the internet whether it be social networking sites like Facebook or Myspace or Message boards?
SAB-It's going swell. The internet is obviously the most used vehicle for promotion and I feel I've learned how to utilize it, but I'm a strong believer in the power of word of mouth. I don't over promote online and I believe spam hurts an artist more than it helps, if it helps at all. As long people are talking about your music, your good.
NT-Are there any surprises or a record in the works right now?
SAB-Oh yea. First up is the Sab The Artist EP. It's a gallery of beautiful music, 7 songs. "Artsy Crafty" is the first single available now, expect the video soon. The EP will be available online and on the Awful Truth tour this summer. Also my next full length will probably be HGH (Heaven,Girls,Hell). It's a complete collaboration with a production duo named Ultra Chorus. So music is lined up to go, just ironing out the kinks to insure each project is successful. And there are some surprises which I won't mention. That would spoil it.
NT-What's your approach to making a new record? Does it just happen, or are there specific periods you sit down and just knock it out?
SAB-I approach my songs like I'm painting a picture. There's many different layers and colors used to try an unleash the mood I want the song to have. I don't rush music. Music is art, I'm an artist. Some art is for the eyes, some for the ears. The purpose is how it makes you feel either way.
NT-What's your take on the internet and the downloading of music? Has it helped artists or hurt them in terms of gaining fans or revenue?
SAB-That depends on your approach to music and how you choose to get it heard. The biggest area it has affected in my opinion is how music is created. I think it's taken a lot of the creative quality out of the process of making music. Sonically and all. It's thinned out the process. Otherwise it's fine by me. It all comes from the mind at the end of the day.
NT-How was it working with Abstract Rude? You guys have a great chemistry. How did you meet?
SAB-Thanks. We met at Soundset back in 2008. I'm feeling what we do together. The Awful Truth Tour is going to be fantastic. We have a lot more in store, keep a lookout.


<a href="">Oh Oh Oh by Sab The Artist</a>
<a href="">My Love by Sab The Artist</a>
<a href="">Sun Beam by Sab The Artist</a>
<a href="">BE, Anything by Sab The Artist</a>
<a href="">Fitted Caps by Sab The Artist</a>
<a href="">Artsy Crafty by Sab The Artist</a>
<a href="">Get Life by Sab The Artist</a>

June 22 - Las Vegas, NV Hip Hop Roots 2yr anniv (110th show) Boomers

[openers: Rock Steady Crew, Mikey VIP, Highdro, Mob Zombie, Artson]
June 23 - LA Low End Theory Airliner
June 24 - SC Moes Alley *C
[traveling openers: Alpha MC & Psychosis of Swim Team]
June 25 - Grants Pass, OR Rhymin on the River Festival

-AB RUDE ONLY feat. Tour guests-
June 26 - Eugene, OR John Henry's Club
June 27 - Shasta, CA Wayside
June 30 - Portland, OR Berbati's
[opener: MY-G]
[traveling opener: Toki Wright]
July 1 - Seattle, WA Nectar
[opener: Suntino Bandanaz]
July 3 - Bozeman, MT Zebra Cocktail Lounge
July 5 - Boise Neurolux
July 6 - Instore @ Uprok / SLC Salt Shaker 21+
July 7 - SLC Kilby Court all ages
[opener: Burnell Washburn]
July 8 - Park City, UT Star Bar
July 9 - Denver Larimer
July 10 - Lincoln, NB The Alley
July 11 - Des Moines, Iowa Vaudville Muse
July 12 - Chicago, IL Abbey Pub
July 14 - Detroit, MI Alvin's

 - AB RUDE Only - (Rejuveaple Leaf Tour - Eastern Canada edition)
July 15 - Toronto, ONT Annex Wreck Room
[traveling openers: PBT, Nilla, Mindbender]
July 16 - Ottowa - Ritual Nightclub
July 17 - Hamilton, ONT This Ain't Hollywood
[openers: DJ Realistic, PBT, Mindbender, NiLLa]
July 18 - London, ONT

The Awful Truth Tour - midwest edition
July 19 - Musab rejoins tour
July 19 - Columbus, OH Skullys
[openers: Midas Touch & Illogic]
July 20 - Dayton/Fairborn, OH One Eyed Jacks
July 21 - Milwaukee, WI Stonefly Brewery
[opener: local DJ]
July 24 - Minneapolis, MN The Nomad
[opener: Muja Messiah]
July 25 - St. Cloud, MN The Rox
[opener: Carnage]
July 26 - Duluth, MN Pizza Luce
[opener: 2one8]
July 27 - Columbia, MO Mojo
July 29 - Kansas City, MO Record Bar
[openers: Cess Crew]

The Awful Truth Tour - southwest edition
July 30 - Dallas, TX Lounge on Elm Street
[openers: DJ Notion]
July 31 - Austin, TX Red 7
[openers: DJ Notion]
Aug 1 - San Antonio, TX Limelight
[openers: DJ Notion]
Aug 2 - El Paso, TX
Aug 3 - Albuquerque, NM Launch Pad
Aug 4 - San Francisco, CA Club Six

-AB ONLY + Citizen Ten-
Aug 6 - Las Vegas 1st Fridays @ Bunkhouse
[openers: Paria B & DuwopRose, AmiRikkah, Outside Looking In, Jay Dubler
[traveling openers: Alpha MC & Psychosis + Open Mike Eagle of Swim Team]

The Awful Truth Encore Tour
Aug 11 - Palm Springs, CA space 120
[traveling openers: Alpha MC & Psychosis + Open Mike Eagle of Swim Team & Highdro]
Aug 12 - San Diego, CA
Aug 13 - Phoenix, AZ The Hidden House
Aug 14 - Pasadena, CA Terrace Cafe
[opener: Ivan Ives]




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