Saturday, June 19, 2010


After years of holding down street cyphers and corner battles, Protoman knew a transition into music wouldn't be a hard one. Growing up in sunny South Florida, Proto has been stirred in a melting pot of cultures and religions that shows the diversity ingested in his voice and words. After being kicked out of High School and plastered by dozens of different titles for income, Proto now knows what the one job he can be the best at and maybe even earn a little pocket money on the way.

With already an independent LP Analog released in 2006 that quickly became an underground classic and last year's Grey Area that was brought out through the help of Rawkus Records, he's now determined to break into the majors. Slinging intensely articulate rhymes over jazzy, old-schoolish boom-bap and forward-leaning distorted electronics. While he's not as esoteric as most backpack-rocking MCs, he certainly isn't rapping about the manhole-cover-sized rims on his platinum-plated Hummer either. This lands the kid comfortably in an accessible middle ground that allows humor, talent, and integrity to coexist. His live show is nothing short of electrifying as well. Holding down the mic solely without skipping a word for a monster set has become something not seen by the crowd with other acts and is one key component that brings so many people out to see him in the flesh.





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