Saturday, June 19, 2010


"ILL-Literacy" is a brainchild of east coast based lyricist DP THoT and Producer/Engineer/DJ, Shells. They've been working together for over two years under seperate monikers, and decided to join forces and unite as a single entity. Having been informed on more than one occasion that their music is SICK, they decided to play a little with words, and thus "The ILL-Literates" were born. Through DP's strong sense of lyrical integrity, and SHELL's versatility on the beats & mixes, this freshman album from the newly formed duo, the "The ILL-Literates," is ready to be heard.

The two have had previous releases together, both of which can be found on this site, before they adopted their unified title. For shows, you will be able to catch the line-up starting in the fall in Los Angeles also featuring EOP and his band, following a special show in Connecticut in July! For other tracks produced by Shells click here.
<a href="">Make A Wish by DP THoT</a>

<a href="">The Sheep Says... by DP THoT</a> Share



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