Monday, June 21, 2010


Product of Portland, Oregon and countless hours of admirable hip-hop equals the producer/emcee Cloudy October. from the first listen you can sense hints of Aesop Rock in his staggery flow, maybe a little RA The Rugged Man from his emphasis on punctuation or even Blueprint with his stabs and extended finishers. This isn't to discredit his beats which switch from dark to comedic on the fly and you're not left wondering if he could have benefited from a different tracklist organization. His lyrics run the gamut from sharp punchlines to witty and comedic one-liners. He's got his EP for sale on his bandcamp if you're like me and like physical copies or you can download for free. Your choice. No more talky, just listen.

<a href="">inlaw (alternate take) by Cloudy October</a>

<a href="">Lowerface by Cloudy October</a>

"All my female cousins have become women out of no where. I decided to document this phenomenon in my song Two Rude Dudes. I had this beat in my itunes for years and it always made me smile and laugh so I decided to rhyme on it. The beat was made by my brother's cousin HQ. While freestyling over the beat I would always talk about my brother Eric's cousin. Finally when it came time to write I couldn't get the word cousin out of my head so I decided to find some way to rap about someone's cousin. Why not rap about my own cousins and make it interesting? I thought. The plot takes place at my grandmother's house in Atlanta, most the song. I hope you can find time to listen. Thanks again." Share



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