Monday, June 28, 2010


Sure you fucking do!

"I put together this project of “lost doggies” that didn’t belong on an album, but still are (what I believe) good songs. I pressed up 500 copies of the Table Scraps EP and it sold out long ago (on the 2007 Darfur Now Tour).

The Table Scraps EP was recorded in a week in my old apartment and was mastered (by Sauce) in 3 days. Although this isn’t my “real” album, I hope it will get everyone warmed up for the extended freEps (Second Helpings and Bad News For People Who Love Hip-Hop) that will be out soon."

Download CasOne - Table Scraps EP

He's also got a few other songs for you as well. A remix to a Drake song called "Fear" which you can download here. And a XX remix you can download here.

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