Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Metermaids are ill. All record on their bandcamp page are listed below and are either absolutely free or name your price which also equals free but I urge you to buy "Nightlife" it's dope.
<a href="">Blackout Baby by Metermaids</a>

<a href="">Blackout Baby (Instr) by Metermaids</a>

<a href="">Turn The Lights Out! by Metermaids</a>

<a href="">The Inside (Live) by Metermaids</a>

<a href="">No Matter What You Will Feel The Illinoise Or We Will Punch You In The Mouth by Metermaids</a>

<a href="">The Inside by Metermaids</a>

<a href="">Don't Sleep by Metermaids</a>




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