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Second installment of "Musicians On Music" with Abstract Rude.

Let's get this out in the fresh air, Abstract Rude is one of the illest emcee of All-Time...yes I said it, if you look at dudes work at a catalogue, the shit he's produced has become copied more then most shit you'll find. The embodiment of his work is not only amazing at best but you can't pinpoint a single track he maybe gave less then 110% on.

He's worked with pretty much every single one of your favorite rappers from Aceyalone to Sab The Artist. Shit, he even got on the homie Orikal Uno's beat! He's an amazing person and sat down during his Rejuvemaple Leaf Tour to answer some questions. Much props to Abby for responding and making No Team In I the hot spot for a minute.

NT-Who are you?

AR-Abstract Rude a soulful bboy

NT-Where are you from and where are you now?

AR-Los Angeles, CA born & raised, I'm writing you from Calgary, Alberta right now on my "Rejuvemaple Leaf Tour" of Western Canada.

NT-How would you classify your taste in music?

AR-Mmm Mmm good...I like blues/soul/gospel first, jazz next, roots, rock, reggae, hip hop and hella alternative sounding music too, I'm well rounded.

NT-Did you have or do you still have a favorite record store?

AR-Amoeba Records in Hollywood, its Disneyland for music lovers.

NT-Is there a certain genre you really enjoy outside of hip-hop?

AR-Yep, soul and neo soul stuff like Omar, Erykah Badu, Spacek, D'Angelo's early shit - I also dig good reggae like Tanya Stephens, she's probably my favorite

NT-Do you have any "desert island" records to share?
AR-RUN DMC - Raising Hell, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Bob Marley - Legend, Gang Starr - Step in the Arena, DJ Quik - Quick Is The Name, X-Clan's 1st LP, Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, Mobb Deep - The Infamous, Freestyle Fellowship - To Whom It May Concern and Minnie Riperton's LP with the ice cream cone...Freddie Freeloader too as far as jazz.

NT- In your mind is there any one record that is absolutely perfect or damn near close?

AR-Most of Prince's material is perfect, like Purple Rain. Michael Jackson's Thriller was perfect. Gang Starr's Step in the Arena was perfect. Basically the LPs I named above are.

NT-Is there anything about that/those album(s) that you know they just "got it right"?

AR-The feel, heartfelt or vivid lyrics, natural voices and fun concepts to get into, a new sound introduced basically.

NT-Who were some of your inspirations in your early years?

AR-The artists I mentioned above.

NT-How did the Good Life Cafe help you?

AR-Taught you to be resilient on stage, to believe in yourself and make em feel you. Also that choppy style we all bit it from the Fellowship, lol.

NT-How did Abstract Tribe Unique come about?

AR-We were childhood friends who did everything together so it was a natural progression. Our leader Zulu Butterfly started Tribe Unique, then named me Abstract. We were a dance tribe, but I always rhymed too, so as the industry started pushing the rapper upfront we became ATU.

NT-How did you and Aceyalone meet?

AR-At Goodlife. CVE had played him my demos and he approached me like "you tight kid, I dig your style." I was so humbled.

NT-How did you and Myka 9 meet?

AR-Kinda the same way. He had heard about me at the Life rippin, then we officially met hanging out at Volume Ten's pad who lived in my neighborhood at the time. Back then heads kicked it way more and would have sessions all the time at home labs.

NT-How did the Haiku D'Etat album happen?

AR-Acey began working on his Book Of Human Language record with an upstart label in SF called Ocean Floor. During that process he brought Myka & I up for sessions and we'd play side gigs up north at colleges, etc. So eventually with all of us being in the studio we started jammin with band members and created the Haiku d'etat record, a true jam session.

NT-How did you get hooked up with Rhymesayers?

AR-Atmosphere and a young Eyedea opened for Acey & I the first time we went to Chicago on some indie shit in '96. So I had met them back then and connected, bought their shirt and 12 inch I remember. So by '99 I entered Scribble Jam with P.e.a.c.e. & Otherwize and it came down to us vs them really: Sole, Dose One & Eyedea vs us 3. Eyedea won, we felt P.e.a.c.e. got robbed [whole other story] but we all stayed cool. It was fun. So by 2000 Slug & Eyedea were touring around Cali and I had them come to the studio and jump on my P.a.i.n.t record on a song called "Frisbee". Later toured with Eyedea & Acey in 2002. So by 04 they approached me figuring I could use a better push than I was getting on my LPs, and the rest is history.

NT-How did you hook up with Battle Axe Records?

AR-Knew them since a kid named Daybi first brought me to Canada back in late '96. Prevail lived with Daybi and Moka would always come through. I stayed a week and we got tight and became friends. I snuck back up there in the late 90's for lil gigs and got that Rolling Along 12" done with Moka. Madchild offered me a LP deal shortly after that. We made 2 LPs, P.a.i.n.t. & Showtyme in 2001 & 2003. Then I left.

NT-How did working on the Code Name: Scorpion album happen?

AR-That first visit in late '96 early '97 we found out that we were all scorpios. My actual alias was Codename Scorpion if u listen to my Thynk Taynk LP song called "Akira" I called myself that it was my codename - so I gave that concept to us as a group project. In mid '99 we recorded for a week and created that record with those 7 songs + 1 or 2 solos from each member. It became a cdn classic and I wish Prevail was down for another one these days - but if it has to live as a classic forever, i'm not mad at that either.

NT-Who do you think is the one producer or emcee that's really changing the dynamic in hip-hop right now? is there one?

AR-Hmm...Danger Mouse I would've said from the whole Jay-Z remixes to the gorillaz that was a hell of a ride + that Doom LP he produced...

AR-Jake One is getting it in...Vitamin D definitely has heat and his last R&B record with Choklate was amazing. It was a good look for the new sound of rhythm & blues...2Mex has a new record coming called "My Fanbase Will Destroy You" and I heard 9 of the most perfect songs on that upcoming LP and boy - just wait and see, he is killing it...also, I'd like to think I'm doing my part lol...

NT-What is it about West coast hip-hop, LA specifically that makes the hip hop so smooth and laid back?

AR-Mostly good weather I guess...we got beaches, the hood, hollywood & wide streets for cruising - good weed too. The terrain is spread out which lends to less stress overall I'd imagine.

NT-Who should we be on the lookout for in LA?

AR-Freestyle Fellowship's new LP, Swim Team members doing their thing, The Sistem Femcees like Jroz & Jnatural, Madame Brown & Oracle Jayne Doe, Nocando & Kail, 2Mex, LMNO, Evidence got new heat coming on RSE.

NT-What equipment are you working with in the studio?

AR-I dont produce, but my guys like Fatjack & Vita are old school mpc + asr + sampling & some keyboards...I stick with my mic my pad and my pen, though I have been writing on my laptop lately...my guy kenny segal is still a computer cat, lol

NT-Are there any surprises or a record in the works right now?

AR-Steel Making Trax: The Export. The latest installment in my Making Tracks series...its an interim project. And yes I'm working on a new Abstract Tribe Unique LP as well...bunch of shit, read my myspace blogs for more.

NT-What's your approach to making a new record? Does it just happen, or are there specific period you sit down and just knock

AR-I just concentrate on loving the songs I am making...it comes randomly. I keep the feel and go off feel...if thats 3am or 4:20pm i get it in

NT-You have fans globally, do you ever sit back and think about how your changing the way people think about music?

AR-No. If I am its too humbling to sit and think about it, I just do what I do and connect with the people worldwide. No time to ponder a legacy when you're still in the thick of it.

NT-What's your take on the internet and the downloading of music? Has it helped artists or hurt them in terms of gaining fans or revenue?

AR-Gift & a curse really. It helps and hurts just like any new invention that makes humans lazier. Helps expose you, but over exposes you at the same time to where people can steal from you easier.

NT-How has illegally downloaded music impacted your career or has it not even made a dent?

AR-made me broker I'm sure...lol

NT-How did the song "The Awful Truth" work out? I'm good friends with the guy who produced the beat, Orikal Uno and he was stoked to have you on the track.

AR-Musab asked me to get on it, said he had a concept. I was performing in Vegas and had some time, we knocked it out one afternoon. It was easy like sunday morning.

NT-How was it working with Sab The Artist? You guys have a great chemistry. How did you meet?

AR-We met at Soundset 2008. Sab is mellow I can be mellow or wild, so its a good mix. Working with him is chill we're still exploring the chemistry. We have an EP we're working on for our upcoming Summer Tour this late June. Ganzobean is his guy on the beats. We're calling it The Awful Truth EP, fitting title.

NT-When you hit the venue, what drink is getting ordered first and for who?

AR-Everyone and anyone who knows me knows its the drink my buddys from San Francisco put me up on years ago...Bombay Sapphire gin & Tonic of course.

NT-Anything else to add for the readers? Any shout outs?

AR-Shout outs to my family and extended family of music supporters all over the globe + DJ FatJack, DJ Drez, Artistic, DJ Zo, Kenny Segal, Zulu & Irie from Tribe Unique, Project Blowedians, DJ Vadim & Yarah Bravo, Musab (Sab), One Love Gallery Deluxe, Fatbol, DJ Heywood, Peter Payne & all my Rhymesayers fam.

NT-Thank You So Much


Please go buy his record "Rejuvination" out now on Rhymesayers.



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