Tuesday, May 11, 2010


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"Lazer Rocket Arm is a group that toes the line between hip-hop and jazz. Hip-Hop Beats twisted by The Sound Insurgent mixed with live saxophone played by Primetime are laced up with lyrics by EBOLI and Biggs to bring your ears a sound that you are likely not accustomed to. Whether you have felt a groove like this before is moot, you will definitely enjoy the laid back style and pleasant sounds Lazer Rocket Arm provides."

1. Chicken No!
2. Get Together
3. To This
4. The Movement
5. Greed
6. Prime Cut
7. Beyond the Sky
8. So Serious (feat Promiscuous B)
9. Goin Down
10. That Ain't Me
11. Jane Blaze
12. Midtown
13. Thanks Tracy Porter

<a href="http://lazerrocketarm.bandcamp.com/album/album-name-here">Chicken No! by Lazer Rocket Arm</a> Share



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