Friday, May 14, 2010


Hole uh, way a minute let me put some pimpin in it...what?! NM.

So there's this group out of Minneapolis, a Collective if you will that run with the moniker "Stophouse" and they're pretty ballin right meow...on some Dipset type taking over type shit. General shit talker extroidinaire "Prof" combines powers with level headed Bald Headed Samsun "St. Paul Slim" to create a sort of cosmic lapse if you's like in Spaceballs when their energy sticks (not even going to go their with calling them lightsabers, you DON'T fuck with SW) got twisted into this crazy's like that, I guess.

These dudes got together with the help of their label and got a hand from Ant to put out a free record called "Recession Music" quite a while ago and I'm hyping this now because there's so much more free music being pumped from this label it's donk-you-less. I hip you to it below. Also check out St. paul Slim's new record "Bald Headed Samsun"

...without further adouche...
<a href="">Intro by Stophouse</a>

Like that shit? here's that prof shit! You're welcome!
<a href="">Stepping Out by Prof</a>
<a href="">Style Thus Far by Prof</a>

<a href="">Amazing by Prof</a>




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