Sunday, May 2, 2010


This is the next installment of the Twin Town High Music Yearbook seres I have for you...Volume 8. This has some incredibly songs and artists on it for your enjoyment.

1. The Pines - Just A Ride
2. Hockey Night - Dark Trance
3. Claire De lune - Checkers
4. Bellwether - Little Rain
5. The Glad Version - Lipstick Hip
6. Painted Saints - Lights Hanging Low From Heavy Cottonwoods
7. Kill The Vultures - Days Slip Into Nights
8. Martin Devaney - The Soundtrack To Our Success
9. Big Quarters - Song For Brown Babies
10. Roma Di Luna - These Tears Aint Mine
11. Middlepicker - Top Down
12. The Cardinal Sin - A Clean Break
13. Discount Musical - '81-'06
14. Jesse Greene - Wherever You Are Feat. Dessa
15. These Modern Socks - Let The Actress Starve
16. Passions - Go On MPLS
17. Building Better Bombs - Safehouse Lament
18. Friends Like These - Excuses
19. Beight - Dizzy
20. Joanna James - Nobody's Girl
21. Halloween, Alaska - Drowned (VIC 20 Remix)
22. Redstart - These Weary Fingers

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