Friday, May 21, 2010


The homie Nomi, originally from Minneapolis and ex-member of Odd Jobs and Kill The Vultures released a new record called "Remittances" with his group "Power Struggle." Their first record "Arson At The Petting Factory" was met with critical aclaim making way for their 2008 record "Hearts And Minds." Nomi is a social activist and writes for change. he also happens to be in a group with Toki Wright, local heavyweight called "Aphrill" that's being released this summer as well. Please keep on the lookout, Nomi is one of the brightest individuals you'll hear over a beat.
"From his immigrant upbringing to his nomadic lifestyle, Power Struggle’s front man Nomi, evokes the sound of the weary traveler finding home over the horizon. From a hip-hop perspective, Nomi’s poignant lyrics and political analysis are unique in a culture/ genre that’s been highkacked by gunclappers, pimps, and businessmen. Remittances reflects the life and times of working class people trying to survive in a system that they do not control.

A careful construction of samples, middy kits, and live instruments by producers Fatgums and Mr. Rey, provide an eclectic belend of beats that can only be described as West Coast soul. Remittances brings back the dynamic relationship between MC and producer, which leaves the listener wondering what came first, the verse or the beat. It’s evident that producers Fatgums and Mr. Rey, were meticulous in finding the right beats to not only fit Nomi’s style and delivery, but also stay within the collective vision of the record.

With songs like “Traveling Man” and “Mr. Sagittarius”, Nomi proves that his theories on life, love and politics, were learned from the grounds that he walked, the books that he borrowed and the hammers that he swung. However, Remittances doesn’t romanticize the struggles in society, but honors those that strive to put food on the table."

Download the lead single "What Goes Up"




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