Sunday, May 9, 2010


The thing both the album I'm giving away have in common is one stellar emcee named Adrian Gorder...that's not a moniker, avatar or whatthefuckeveryouwannacallit. He's an emcee out of St. Paul, MN (The Shots) and has been doing his thang thang for a grip now. I met Adrian through a mutual friend and we didn't really hit it off but had the same respect for music I did. The albums I'm giving away are first his old groups album (Word for Word) and another old group album (Burning City Skyline). The one thing that might tickle your pickle is the fact that not only is he masterful songwriter but he's just a flat out great emcee. Also if you remember my interview with budding producer ganzobean...well he produced the entire Burning City Skyline album. So without further ado, for your listening pleasure...

1. Intro (Lights At Night)
2. 1 For 2
3. Danger Love Feat. Mayda
4. Detach
5. Is Word For Word Dead feat. Don Royal
6. St. Paul Sunday
7. Happy Where Im At Feat. Brie Griffin
8. Starry Night...So Burn

1. Sintropolis
2. 3:AM
3. Cadillac Clap
4. Club High 5ive Feat. Craig Finn (Hold Steady), Mayda
5. M'Ustle
6. Excalibur Feat. Nomi
7. Chain Gang Head Bang
8. St. Paul Rapture
9. Harmonica Lewinsky
10. Elevata Muzic feat. P.O.S.
11. Crime Of Passion
12. The Walls
13. Monsta
14. Bricks
15. Neveator Is Born




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