Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I'm throwing light on the homie Antonio Rosario BKA Orikal Uno representing St. Paul (The Shots), MN. This dude is like 20 and he's been rapping great since he was like 4 or some ridiculous shit like that. Basically, dude's raw! He's got some bangers on his Bandcamp page he's showing off and I'm here to drop dimes on em...also he's got a new song bubbling with the homie Prof that's completely retarded. I just so happen to have links for all the downloads from his bandcamp plus a stream of the new track "Rev It Up" with Prof.
<a href="">I Know That U Hate It by Orikal Uno</a>

<a href="">Hometown Hero by Orikal Uno</a>
<a href="">Lonesome Road by Orikal Uno</a>
<a href="">Stage Life by Orikal Uno</a>

<a href="">What Ya Know by Orikal Uno</a>

<a href="">Kiss (Shells Remix) by Orikal Uno</a>
<a href="">superdope by Orikal Uno</a>

Orikal Uno & Prof "Rev It Up"

P.S. Sherlock Holmeslice has just a slew of new shit coming out...I'll keep it hosted if you keeps it posted.





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