Monday, June 7, 2010


Homie spotlight time, and for good reason you should read this. There's something stirring in South Dakota and it's not just the tumbleweed on highway whatever. The homie Glennmatthew Williamson is rocking the spot in Sioux Falls and helping make a name for anyone and everyone it seems. Why South Dakota though you ask? Well he fucking grew up there dip shit! AND he plans on repping Sioux Falls til def. You won't get to know him and that's fine, he's got a family and doesn't need new friends but what he does need is you to expand your horizons and listen/love some of these amazing people making music in his and our city.

He started playing music at a very young age mainly because his brothers listened to a lot of thrash metal and punk rock. He also happened to find an outlet with Hip-Hop, finding something completely different in the genre, something worthwhile and never looked back. His heart lies with the underground where skills and heart matter more then whips and skrills. Bridging the gap between a rock kid and a hip-hop kid seemed like nothing to Glennmatthew especially when you could watch Headbangers Ball to catch the new Slayer shit and the next switching to Yo! MTV Raps for the new 3rd Bass joint. Such the life of a music fan in Sioux Falls I guess. To listen to some ish click here.

"One thing ive always loved about this city, and probably always will is the unification of its participants. This comes into play when speakin of our radio program, but with rare exception, our city has been a tight knit group of cats who want to do nothing more then get down on the shit they love."

See, this is where, if you're an artist, you're starting to really pay attention. This dudes been around the block and banged the fuck out of radio stations in the past and after running train on three different radio station sluts and avoiding the clap along the way he married a pretty bitch named The University of Sioux Falls College Radio. And he's playing some fucking jams! And you know how he got the job? I'll let him explain.

"USF became the only college radio station in town...I was a fan of the stations Facebook page, and there was a post about open was either monday morning, or thursday night...I just thought that there was a ton of music that I could play that would make sense on a monday morning and add to that my love for live music and straight up underground and independent hiphop and the rest is kind of history in the making. we have been doing our show what will be 9 months at the end of this month"
"I began the program on the solo at the end of september, did one or two shows that way and didnt podcast them, just trial run type of shit. Truth be told, I didnt have a way to get to the station so I asked my buddy doze for a lift, and told him he should kick it. (literally, thats how it went) but in all honesty, I couldnt do the show near to the level we do without his constant, help and keen ear for music I might have otherwise slept on"

Episode 32 of their program airs monday June 7th, 2010. You should definitely check that out.

Some of the highlights of their show includes Grieves calling to say whats up twice, once with budo. Dessa has called, Kyle Lucas has called and about every local SD artist worth mentioning has been through. He was also given press access to the soundset 2010 this year.
They rely heavily on direct contact with artists/promoters, and if its legit, they want it to be repped like it should be. The show has been a success but it can only become greater with support. I know a whole lot of rappers that want people to hear their shit, and well, this dude wants people to hear you kick your rhymes. So please take dude and his craft seriously and contact him to give props or get something played hit em up at or calla mufuckah 1-605-331-6696 to get on the air.

"Its true independently operated shit we're doing here. And thats how we like it!"

Check out the show online with live streams here.

Download previous shows here.

He also makes beats for you wack emcee to try to spit on, if your not wack the download for free at his Reverbnation Page.



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