Monday, June 7, 2010

Doom + Borat = MF Borat ofer the FREEP

Doom and Sacha Baron Cohen are bro's, so fucking what! weren't complaining? Yeah, me either.

1. Bing Bong Bing
2. Dedicated To Love (feat. Samantha Alexes)
3. Rescue Khazakstan (feat. Aretha Franklin)
4. So Good To Me
5. Tower of Ears (feat. Diana Ross)

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<a href="">Bing Bong Bing by MF Borat</a>
<a href="">Dedicated to Love (feat. Samantha Alexes) by MF Borat</a>

<a href="">Tower of Ears (feat. Diana Ross) by MF Borat</a>

<a href="">So Good to Me by MF Borat</a>

<a href="">"Rescue Khazakstan (feat. Aretha Franklin)" by MF Borat</a> Share



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