Thursday, April 29, 2010


The Twin Town High yearbook series was something that spawned from Rob van Alstyne who was at the time the Music Editor at Pulse of the Twin Cities. The goal of the series was "to capture as many emerging young talent as they could to give people a reason to explore new talent."

1. Story Of The Sea - Karma
2. Friends Like These - Bombs Away
3. Aphrill (Toki Wright & Nomi) - Schoolyard Bullies
4. The Mood Swings - The Finest line
5. Belles Of Skin City - Hey Dave King, Leave Some For The Rest Of Us
6. Tin Horns - Trendsetters
7. The Deaths - May Queen
8. Unguided Missile - Sad Girls
9. Chris Koza - Foothills
10. Big Quarters - Beacons
11. Olympic Hopefuls - Book of Love
12. Ela - Professional Love
13. Duplomacy - Untitled
14. Jeff Hanson - Last Thing you'll Do (Demo version)
15. Elfi Snow And The Tasty Morsels - Between Us
16. Mel Gibson & The Pants - The Slippery Slope Of Giving Up
17. Basement Apartment - Tear Gas
18. The Get Up Johns - Guns To Carry
19. Kraig Johnson & The Program - She Don't Say
20. Grickle-Grass - Age Old Rhythm
21. The Plastic Constellations - Quixote
22. Kanser - Pieces Of The Puzzle
23. If Thousands - Push Feat. Paul Metzger

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