Monday, April 26, 2010


This compilation is actuslly very very good and features just a ton of local hip-hop talent, names you've undoubtedly heard before. Most of the songs are exclusive to this comp. which was created in to celebrate a messageboard that most held near and dear to their hearts...

Sadly "DU" is a rancid shriveling shell of it's former self and a maggot infested (spammers) deserted wasteland that most ex-loyal users still check up on but choose not to post simply for the fact it hurts them too much in their soles to contribute. But, this comp. released back in like 2006 maybe.

1. J-Love The Soundsmith - Represent
2. Brother Ali - Five Line King
3. Mike Mictlan - Revolution
4. Knonam - Minnesota
5. Illuminous 3 - Paper Chase
6. Big Quarters - Lou Diamond
7. Cheap Cologne - Middle Children
8. Kanser - I Don't Relate
9. EMS + DJ Green - I'm Broke Feat. Capaciti
10. The C.O.R.E. - Building Blocks
11. Unknown Prophets - people, Places and Things
12. Sims - Key Grip (Fax)
13. J-Love The Soundsmith - Sounds
14. Carnage - Worth The Wait
15. Moochy C - Kick In The Door
16. Tony Bonez - Bigger Better Things
17. Raw Villa - Ichibon
18. Musab - I Got Problems
19. Golden - My Ways
20. Desdamona - Refracted Light
21. Sarah White - It's Cool

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