Sunday, December 5, 2010


"Graham's debut solo effort, Live Drums lies somewhere near the boundaries of the Instrumental Hip Hop genre.  As the title suggests, each song on the album is shaped by Graham’s drum set performances - which are inventive and creatively recorded. The dark, contrasting layers of synthetic and sampled sounds make the record an engaging listen. Compositionally, this album is influenced by DJ Shadow, Portishead and The Gaslamp Killer, among others."

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01. You Were Outraged
02. GodKing
03. CFCs Feat. Alicia Wiley & Eric Blair
04. White Toys _ Car Show
05. RecycleMaker Feat. Kristoff Krane
06. Northeast In
07. Foxhole
08. First Rule Feat. DVS Jackson
09. Guthrie
10. Gun Williams
11. Pie Tins _ a million a thousand
12. Query Feat. Kristoff Krane
13. I'm Speeding Up and You're Slowing Down Feat. Big Bruce
14. Lockbond
15. Wolves in Milwaukee Remix Feat. Adam Svec & No Bird Sing




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