Sunday, October 17, 2010


This is a very somber and sad post from me. Micheal Larsen BKA Eyedea, world renown rapper, singer, poet, musician and overall renaissance man passed away Saturday the 16th at the age of 28.
Having spent nearly two decades impressing listeners his life was cut short, great thing is, is the fact that he’s not gone, in the spiritual sense. His music and words will and have transcended time and carry as much weight after his passing as they did when he was still able to perform them. His catalog reads as a best-of to some and if you look at his body of work the impression he left is deeply rooted in something organic. Always willing and wanting to grow, he taught himself how to play the guitar and piano and engineered almost everyone of his releases. A true do-it-all.
In 1994 Micheal and I were in Jr. High together at Highland Park in St. Paul, MN and that’s where I saw first hand his talents of being an emcee, fan and just an opinionated kid. I remember the way he would break down what made Jimi Hendrix great and why Soul Coughing were going to be the next big thing nobody would get. I remember taking the bus to his house to listen to the new Latyrx record and having him explain why they were so ahead of their time. There was something special about Mikey and he knew that, so he proved it by trying to hip anyone and everyone to things that were in turn equal as special. At one point in ninth grade, 1996 mind you, he was explaining the idea behind the book he was writing and to this day I’m convinced it would have been a best seller purely on the strength of his determination and creativity.
The news struck me very hard on Saturday when I received a text from a close friend about what happened and was very saddened, not only personally in a state of discord but mentally as well. I was imagining all these people that grew up with Mikey’s music and realizing their hero, idol, friend, family member, inspiration etc. was no longer here, and it was surreal. Lucky for us he left behind a legacy. You never really have to think about experiences you’ve had with someone until they’re no longer around to have more experiences with. Life’s short, but music lives on so let’s not reminisce on who Mikey was but who he still is, which is someone so special his legacy will live on forever and others with be measured to his greatness.
Rest in Peace Mikey, you’re already missed man.
Your friend David Jones.

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