Wednesday, September 15, 2010


(Cover Art for Uno)

Saint Paul, MN -- Orikal Uno was up until 3AM last night, awoke by 7AM this morning, and by the time you had your morning coffee today he was probably in the booth recording a new free single for the internet, penning his next verse for a hot collaboration with one of the many crews he works with and/or represents. By the time you hit rush hour traffic Orikal may have been working on a new graffiti, or web design project or was just making a new beat for the likes of underground veterans like Sab the Artist and Abstract Rude for whom he recently made the hit "The Awful Truth."
<a href="">The Awful Truth F/ Abstract Rude by Sab The Artist</a>
Having just celebrated his 21st birthday, Orikal Uno has already established himself as a fixture on the celebrated Twin Cities music scene, He is probably well liked by your own favorite hip-hop artist, even if you've never heard of him. By 2011 that will probably change as Antonio Rosario a.k.a. Orikal Uno releases his debut LP simply titled "Uno."

The artist previously known simply as Orikal, has been a workaholic since first entering the game at the ripe age of 13. The native of the West Side of Saint Paul, self released numerous albums and mixtapes and shared stages with some local heroes from the Rhymesayers and Doomtree crews as well as many other Twin Cities hip-hop legends. Three years ago he tapped longtime collaborator Anonimust to produce a full length debut LP for him that would set the stage for this next chapter in his career.

Anonimust, who was previously known as "Jayechs" has been a long time fixture of the Twin Cities music scene and songwriter for artists locally and nationally. He gained his first exposure as a member of the groundbreaking hip-hop group S.U.S.P.E.C.T.S. and went on to continue a successful career producing songs for artists and music for TV and movies. As a father of two young children, the former Jayechs changed his stage name to Anonimust in 2007 to reflect the change in his musical style when he founded the group Hour to Hope, to personally work on positive music and no longer wrote songs that included profanity or the "n-word." As a producer, he still allows a "no-holds barred" experience for the artists he works with, and for Orikal Uno he provided a soundtrack unlike anything ever attempted for a hip-hop artist.

Together the collaboration of Orikal Uno and Anonimust two artists at the top of their game, and in a crossroads of life made for an LP worthy of cover-to-cover listening, even in this world of song-by-song downloads in iTunes. Capturing three years of risk-taking and progressive songwriting, the album presents a fully-fledged introduction to one of the most innovative artists to emerge from the Twin Cities. This album ranges from the synth-pop influenced lead single, “Party like it's 2012” which, to the blues-infused heartbreaker “You're Sure Not Ready” all the way to the salsa-driven “Bacardi Island” featuring Maria Isa. Orikal Uno re-defines the creative limits of underground hip-hop.
<a href="">Party Like It's 2012 by Orikal Uno</a>
Orikal Uno will be performing shows to promote "Uno" along with Anonimust and Hour to Hope,  and others this fall. "Uno" is slated for digital-release via and iTunes, on November 2nd, 2010 with a full-scale release through Best-Buy, Fifth Element and other local music stores on November, 9th 2010.
In addition to his solo debut you’ll can hear Orikal Uno on a number of other collaborations and leaks via his page on



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