Friday, June 18, 2010


(via FDR)
Great video for a great song. Download.

PVT (formerly Pivot) has a new record coming out called "Church With No Magic", it juggles industrial foundations with a dark humanity we’re tempted—at the risk of sounding dramatic—to associate with a hymnal lament. The Australian trio, using vocals for the first time, brings to mind the demon-intercourse portion of Rosemary’s Baby actually—you know, in a casual, hip re-make. This has less to do with any sinister undertones in their jam (it’s more theater than devil-dance), than with our overall feeling that the crew is operating a sort of musical factory inside a ruin. The echoes, bangs, and synths, far from alienating, make you feel close to something, maybe the singer, maybe the band, but who cares—it’s an impressive feat for something so disquieting, not to mention (and please cue the whistles) seductive. Watch the song’s “The Window”’s flashy POV video above and pick up Church With No Magic on August 10th.




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