Saturday, June 19, 2010


Indie powerhouse, Animal Collective, please meet underground indie hip-hop staple, Cannibal Ox. Now play nice and wait for (hipster?) heads to explode. Jason Drake aka Cassettes Won't Listen has been busy working on a follow up to his 2008 album, Small-Time Machine, but in between studio sessions he has found the time to release his mashup of 2001's The Cold Vein with music spanning Animal Collective's entire career.

The impact that Cannibal Ox had on the underground hip hop community back in 2001 with The Cold Vein, catapulting El-P's newly launched Def Jux label into indie superstardom, was unparalleled in the scene at the time. As the duo sat in El-Producto's Brooklyn studio crafting the influential release, a group of friends were forming a band and recording music of their own less than 200 miles away in Baltimore, MD. Animal Collective broke out onto the scene during the early part of the past decade and their fan base has continued to expand with each subsequent release. Animal Ox marries the forward thinking, experimental, and genre-defying nature both groups are known for. A match made in indie heaven.

CWL's last mashup was released months after his 2008 debut but was quickly met with a cease and desist letter from none other but the RIAA. Ludacris Democracy included a match up of the 7 leaked GNR Chinese Democracy tracks and the most popular Ludacris tracks spanning the artist's career. The mashup only saw 24 hours before it was forced to be taken down but within that time the mix quickly spread to fans around the world.

2010 has kept Mr. Drake very busy. He's recently hosted an episode of MTV2's Subterranean, remixed many bands such as Dappled Citied, The Dears, and Yak Ballz and continues work on his upcoming full-length record. Be on the lookout for Cassettes Won't Listen's new album later this year. He has also announced a new instrumental experimental side project titled Dfalt. He continues to update the newly releaunched CWL website with track leaks and news on the upcoming Dfalt debut album titled First. Visit CWL's side project section on his new site to hear new Dfalt tracks!

01 A B-Boys Alpha

02 Battle For Asgard
03 The F-word
04 Vein
05 Real Earth
06 Raspberry Fields
07 Atom
08 Scream Phoenix
09 Painkillers




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