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I've had the distinct pleasure of seeing his young man work on music and the level of focus and drive instilled in him is pretty unmatched. He raps like someone is going to take his starting spot and freestlyes like he's about to say fuck it and kill it Scribble Jam. I've been posting a lot by Orikal Uno and by all means if you haven't been paying attention then now's the fucking time. For the 5th installment of Musicians on Music I present to you Orikal Uno!
NT-Who are you? Where do you call home?
OU-Orikal Uno. People who know me call me Antonio. St. Paul (WEST SIDE!), Minnesota is where i'm from, but I feel at home wherever I'm at in this world. I'm a Puerto Rican American Diabetic artist.
NT-How long have you been making music?
OU-Been singin' along with songs since I can remember. Starting recording and performing in early 2003.
NT-What's one of your fondest memories of music as a kid?
OU-Many childhood memories of mine have some sort of song that was either playing or closely associates with some of the moments. I remember hanging out with my Mom when I was real little, listening to songs from "The Double Dutch Bus" to "People are Strange." Haha, I also just remembered that my Mom used to record me on a little tape recorder singing nursery rhymes when I was like 2 or 3. She busted it out when I got my first real girlfriend and I was real embarrassed at the time, hahaha. I think I sampled that on my 3rd album, "The Harsh Reality"
NT-What kind of music was being played in your house growing up?
OU-Rock, rap, funk, disco... Prince, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Snoop Dogg's Doggystyle and the Nuthin But A G Thang single were always played in the cassette player. I also remember Rick James being played in the car a lot.
NT-What groups or bands are you really digging right now?
OU-Sab The Artist and Ganzobean have been making some insanely good music together. The new Drake was pretty good. Eminem's "Recovery" has been getting some plays since I bought it. For real though, one of Jay-Z's best verses was dropped on Drake's record. I looped that shit like 50 times over when I first heard it.
NT-What's your cd/record collection like?
OU-Diverse. Let me put my iPod on shuffle and show you the ten songs that pop up-
1) Fugees - Ready or Not
2) The Zombies - Time Of The Season
3) Notorious BIG - Another
4) LL Cool J - Loungin' (Who Do You Love)
5) South Park Mexican - Twice Last Night
6) The Beatles - Octopus's Garden
7) I Self Devine - Love Song
8) Jay-Z - Feelin' It
9) TI f/ UGK - Front Back
10) Eric B. & Rakim - Eric B. Is President
Well, I guess that's not too diverse. But my collection ranges from Bill Withers to Staind, from Metallica to Twista. Also a huge fan of Brazillian music and Bossa Nova. Anything from the heart.
NT-Who were some of your inspirations in your early years? Who, after listening to it really made you decide to make music?
OU-Michael Jackson was huge for me when I was real young. "Bad" was the first cassette tape I ever owned. 2pac was huge for me. I went through a rock/skater phase for a year or two when I was figuring out who I was. Powerman 5000, Offspring, Sublime, Godsmack and all that. I blame the KFAI Orphanage freestyle for making me want to actually try to make something happen. That was real inspiring. As I dug more into the local scene, I caught on to how Rhymesayers did their thing, and that was real inspiring to me as well. Now they pretty much run shit. And I got to watch a lot of that process in how they did it. Real inspiring.
NT-Who do you think is the one producer or Emcee changing the game like he or they see fit, the way they want it without giving a damn?
OU-That's hard to say, because a lot of people are really starting to bend their style up into something new. Everything is like a free-for-all in music right now, and it's real refreshing to see people try new things. Timbaland is a prime example of an "evolved" producer. Lots of already-dope people are evolving right now. Busta Rhymes has been droppin' some real nice stuff lately. You can tell Eminem is trying out some new things too. So to answer the question, a handful of musicians are trying new things. I side with controlled experimentation. People finding new ways to make songs about the same ol' topics.
NT-In your mind is there any one or two records that is absolutely perfect or damn near close?
OU-2pac - All Eyez On Me, Buena Vista Social Club's album, Red Hot Chili Peppers - BloodSugarSexMagic, Pearl Jam - Ten, Modest Mouse - The Lonesome Crowded West, Dr. Dre's Chronic and Chronic 2001, Jay-Z's - Reasonable Doubt, Eminem - Marshall Mathers LP, Tribe Called Quest - Midnight Mauraders, Outkast - ATLiens and probably a few more.
NT-Is there anything about those album(s) that you know they just "got it right"?
OU-True emotions were put into the creation, and you can hear it from the music to the lyrics, front to back.
NT-Do you have any "desert island" records to share?
OU-I think it would have to be that Buena Vista Social Club album I was talking about. It has all emotions, so it would cover all my moods for the rest of the days I was stranded. Plus, it's pure island music.
NT-Why did you decide to start Graff Roots Media? Why Not try to get signed?
OU-I started Graff Roots Media to do my own thing and try to make a living off of it. As far as being signed, I don't really see Graff Roots Media as a "record label" - more of a collective of friends who enjoy working together artistically and professionally. My vision for Graff Roots Media is to be the complete media solution - as in, recording/producing the album, designing the art, shooting the videos and photo shoots, and covering the marketing and back-end operation all at the same time. Graffiti Writers get fame by getting their name up in as many places as possible. That's what i'm trying to do, but professionally. As far as getting signed goes - if anybody lets me control and manage my music & identity 100%, while throwing money on the table for me to do it, or providing the resources for me to spread my music around the world, i'm in.
NT-What equipment are you working with in the studio?
OU-My trusty GT-57 condensor mic, an Mbox, KRK Rokit 5 monitors, an Oxygen8 Midi Controller, and a full keyboard. Software is ProTools, Reason 3.0 and Cool Edit Pro. I used to rock Magix Music Studio back when I first started. Been rockin' ProTools for a good 4-5 years now.
NT-Could you describe your music-making process?
OU-It's very natural, organic. Sometimes i'll sit down with the beat and try to match what the beat is communicating, whether it's a happy upbeat song or a dark, demented song. Sometimes, it'll just be a random moment in my day that will inspire a song. When I get that inspiration, I match it with music, write it, record it, then move on to the next song.
NT-How have people responded to the music you've have been making?
OU-I go through peaks and valleys with the exposure. I remember a good 2 years ago, I got a LOT of response from people when Myspace was poppin' off. Now-a-days, I'm building more of a core fanbase, keeping in touch with the people who have been following, and saying hello to the new fans who are just catching on to me. As far as songs go, different people like different songs I make - but the feedback from everybody has been generally good. I get the best response after rockin' a show though.
NT-Is there any surprises or a record in the works right now?
OU-Lots of records in the works. The Orikal&Ganzobean debut album is fully recorded, ready to be cleaned up and dropped. Uno, my 5th solo full length fully produced by Anonimust, has had a solid core of songs for a while. But, we keep making better songs, so we'll see when we're completely satisfied. I'm working on a full length album with producer C. Goody - we're planning on releasing it out in Northfield at the Key, as well as the Twin Cities. I'll also be releasing an EP or two with producer LMS. As well as mixtapes and guest features in between! As far as surprises, well, every single day this year has been surprising, so I guess those will come naturally.
NT-How did you get hooked up with Sab The Artist for the song "Born To Hustle"?
OU-I've been a huge fan of Sab since he was Beyond - I hadn't heard much from him since his old Rhymesayers stuff until Mack Music Vol 1 - I wore that mixtape OUT! So, I always wanted to do a song with him. My guy Ganzobean threw me a beat, where the chorus is saying "Born... To Hustle... All around the world" - Well, I wrote the first 2 verses, but got blocked on the third. After a conversation with Ganzobean, I brought up the idea of gettin' Sab on it. I sent him the song with the verses. He liked it. He rocked the empty verse, sent me vocals, the rest is history. Now Ganzobean resides in Las Vegas. Life's a trip.
NT-How about getting the beat for "The Awful Truth" into Sab's hands and having Abstract Rude on it? That must be exciting?
OU-It was real exciting! Unexpected, definitely. Sab had told me he liked that beat, but I didn't expect to hear Abstract Rude on it at all. To me, it validated that I can actually make some decent beats.
NT-And they named their tour after the song you produced as well? That's a trip!
OU-They sure did. And it's definitely a trip. Ganzobean just let me know that I'm on the list for the Nomad stop of the tour. I'll be there.
NT-Is there any artists or producers you're looking forward to working with or would love to work with?
OU-Always wanted to do some shit on some Dr. Dre joints. Always wanted to get some beats from Ant. Would love to do a song with Twista, or Devin the Dude. But this year, I got to do songs with 2 different people I really look up to (Prof, Sab), so that's been fun. I've always wanted to do a song with Illuminous 3. The musicians I respect are the ones I want to work with.
NT-Are you picky when it comes to working with an artist?
OU-It depends. As long as the artist is good peoples, I'm good with it. But if I ain't feelin' it, I won't be on it.
NT-Are you producing for anyone right now or is anyone producing for you in particular right now?
OU-My only recent production has been for Sab & Abstract Rude. As far as producers I'm working with: Anonimust, Ganzobean, Chris Goodwin, MK Ultra, LMS, DP Thot, Shells, Kaz Nasty, Rap Janitors (Spain), and Diligent Intelligence have all contributed to songs of mine this year.
NT-Let's talk about your fans?
OU-Best fans a guy could ask for. I get some real nice messages and comments from people. My fans are very supportive and they help me grow. I love you people.
NT-Have you been getting good press recently? Any blogs been a buzz with you lately?
OU-As far as physical press, nope, no press. I have a slight buzz around the interwebz. I've been laying low for a good year now, not really performing, so I don't blame anybody for not being interested right now. I'm building a strong arsenal of material so when I do strike again, people will hear it. and hopefully like it.
NT-What's the perfect crowd to you?
OU-Lots and lots of happy people completely feeling the music. A crowd with free drinks is always fun too.
NT-Do you have any shows coming up or tour dates?
OU-Nothing official yet. Almost ready to leave my studio and return to the stage soon though.
NT-What's your take on the internet, has it helped or hurt you in terms of reaching an audience or making your money?
OU-I got into it right as the old model was dying and Napster first came out. The internet has definitely helped a youngin' like me get some exposure and sales for sure.
NT-Where can people go to hear and buy your music? I have lots of free downloads and a couple singles posted there. I'll also be using that site to release my future albums, EPs, and other musical chaos.
NT-last question...when you hit the venue, what drink is getting ordered first?
OU-On July 27th I'll take a Bacardi and Coke.
NT-Anything else to add for the readers or haters? Any shout outs?
OU-Reader, I appreciate your attention span. Shout out to my Mom, Grandma and Aunt, my Rosario family, Women, Bacardi, The West Side of St. Paul, Everyone who I work with, my friends, anybody Diabetic, and Swisher Sweets.

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No Team In I (EXCLUSIVE) Orikal Uno - Get 2 U

<a href="">That Guy by Orikal Uno</a>

<a href="">Intrigued (Minute or 2) by Orikal Uno</a> Share

Download DJ Protege - Corner Store Hero Vol. 2

1. Intro
2. J. Cole - We Put On
3. Freeway & Jake One - Put Your Hands Up
4. Raekwon & Method Man - Nu Wu
5. De La Soul - La La La
6. BK One, Brother Ali & The Grouch - Here I Am
7. M.O.P. & Rell - What I Wanna Be
8. Camp Lo - Another Heist
9. Homeboy Sandman - The Essence
10. Ghostface Killah - Not Ur Average Girl
11. Big Boi - Magnificent Freestyle
12. Sean price - That's What We Want
13. Funkdoobiest - The Weight
14. Little Brother - Revenge
15. The Bodega Brovas - We Got It
16. Onyx - Mad Energy
17. Dre Robinson & Mighty Magic - Fade Away
18. Dysfunkshunal Familee & Sadat X - I'm Dysfunkshunal
19. O.C. & AG - Think About It
20. KRS One, Buckshot & Talib Kweli - Oh, Really Share






The dude was nuts, but he was an amazing pioneer in the graffiti world. R.I.P.



Produced by The Opus! Classic Rubberoom

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These dudes are the SHIT!

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Nice little debut from this Montreal duo Golden Light.

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Name your price for this new singer/songwriters debut record "Long Night Coming"
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El-P has been dropping nuggets off his new "WEAREALLGOINGTOBURNINHELLMEGGAMIXXX3" on facebook and I've been missing posting them, luckily a few are on his bandcamp.
<a href="">WHORES: THE MOVIE by EL-P</a>
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This captures his amazing ability to perform. I highly reccomend the song "Free Life" my favorite song of his.

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Easily on of the best Iron & Wine covers I've ever heard.

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Some great garage blues.

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AFTA-1 "FORM" Limited Casette Tapes from Erok (Ek5obition) on Vimeo. Share


New summer classic by Orikal Uno produced by MK Ultra.

<a href="">Intrigued (Minute or 2) by Orikal Uno</a> Share

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Civil rights crimefighter by day and beat producer by night, Diego Bernal, returns with "Besides..." his follow up album to 2009's successful, For Corners. On the album, Bernal sifts through untapped and long forgotten South Texas crates to create a musical ode to the classic era of hip hop. With "Besides..." we see a more straight foward take on hip hop but the production has matured and the beats have grown more into full songs. This release is available as a very limited edition blue 7" 45 vinyl with "A Long Second" and "Blue Neon". The vinyl also includes a download card for all songs in any format including high MP3 or lossless FLAC.

<a href="">01 Intro - All You Can Do (Parts 1 &amp; 2) by Exponential Records</a>

If you dig this he's also got another free instrumental download for you called "For Corners" which you can get here. Share


<a href="">Psych Suite Side A by Nobs</a> Share


1. New Pornographers - crash
2. Harlem - gay Human Bones
3. Deloreon - Stay Close
4. Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - Bottled In Cork
5. Shearwater - Castaways
6. Girls - Lust For Life
7. Pavement - Gold Soundz
8. Cat Power - The Greatest
9. Interpol - Slow Hands
1. Silversun Pickups - It's Nice To Know You Work Alone
2. Minus The Bear - My Time
3. Sea Wolf - Turn The Dirt Over
4. Hot Hot Heat - 21 @ 12
5. Delphic - Doubt
6. The Dears - Disclaimer
7. Eulogies - Eyes On The Prize
8. Darker My love - Blue Day
9. The One AM Radio - Credible Threats
10. Codeine Velvet Club - Hollywood
1. Radar Brothers - Horses Warriors
2. Let's Wrestle - I Won't Lie To You
3. Destroyer - Very Modern Dance
4. Shout Out Louds - Fall Hard
5. Spoon - Written In Reverse
6. Lou Barlow - Don't Appologize
7. She & Him - Thieves
8. Superchunk - Learned To Surf
9. Alec Bathgate - Glide
10. The Clientele - I Wonder Who We Are
11. Caribou - Odessa
12. The Clean - In the Dreamlife U Need A Rubber Soul
13. Wye Oak - I Hope You Die
14. Lambchop - Give It
1. Ratatat - Party With Children
2. Gotan Project - La Gloria
3. Holly Miranda - Waves
4. Jónsi - Boy Lilikoi
5. Xx - Basic Space
6. Karen Elson - The Ghost Who Walks
7. Vampire Weekend - Horchata
8. Titus Andronicus - A More Perfect Union
1. Maps & Atlases - Solid Ground
2. Pearly Gate Music - Big Escape
3. Ramona Falls - I Say fever
4. Rocky Votolato - Red River
5. The Wooden Birds - False Alarm
6. Starlight Mints - Paralyzed
7. Blunt Mechanic - Aluminum & Light
8. David Bazan - Bless This Mess
9. Viva Voce - Octavio
10. Phantogram - When I'm Small






(via ATF)


I had the pleasure of geeking out with this dude about music on the most gangster forum possible...facebook chat...and he's got some baller taste in music as evident in this interview. He also happens to be one of the coolest dudes making music and I hope that shows in this interview as well. With the 4th installment of "Musicians on Music" I present CasOne from Indiana...
NT-Who are you? Where do you call home?

CO-My name is Cas One or casOne or CasOne, its spelled all different types of ways and pronounced wrong a lot. I live in Evansville, Indiana I was raised in Kentucky... weird for a rapper huh?
NT-How long have you been making music?
CO-I've been doing music for 14 years, which is a little over half my life...I wasn't that good until recently hah.
NT-What's one of your fondest memories of music as a kid?
CO-I come from a bigger family...I have 5 brothers and sisters. My mom always tells the story where she would put on a Lynard Skynard record and we would all just go ape shit, dancing in the big living room, making up dance moves.
NT-What kind of music was being played in your house growing up?
CO-It was a mash up of music, I remember The Beatles and Michael Jackson getting played a lot. A lot of country also. Like I said , I was born in Kentucky.
NT-What groups or bands are you really digging right now?
CO-Okkervil River is my shit. The XX is very fresh to me to right now, also. Ryan Adams, OutKast, Doomtree, Passion Pit, Jay Electronica, Ratatat, Atmosphere.
NT-What's your cd/record collection like?
CO-It's realllllly diverse. I'm sure I have a ton of stuff that would get made fun of in the blogosphere. I own a tatu record. How does that make you feel? (EDITORS NOTE...No Team In I has no comment on the status of liking nor disliking tatu. lol)
NT-Who were some of your inspirations in your early years? Who, after listening to it really made you decide to make music?
CO-OutKast is a big influence to me. I think Andre' 3000 is the perfect musician. What really got me into trying to rap was The Fugee's The Score and Nas's It Was Written.
NT-What's the hip hop scene in Indiana like?
CO-It's weird, no one really wants to give each other a leg up. There's really not a circuit. Bloomington is a really cool spot to play shows though. I love Bloomington. I can play where I'm from and get 300 people there or 30 people depending on the night. It's weird.
NT-Who do you think is the one producer or Emcee changing the game like he or they see fit, the way they want it without giving a damn?
CO-Andre' 3000 hands down. I mentioned earlier I thought he was the perfect emcee. I don't see him doing what anyone wants him to do. If so we would have never gotten Hey Ya or the love below for that matter.
NT-In your mind is there any one or two records that is absolutely perfect or damn near close?
CO-RadioHead's In Rainbows. That album is perfect to me JUST because of the vibe. P.O.S. Never Better, I know it's early to say that, I still listen to it once a week...He made the record I wanted to make and I hate/love him for it. OutKast ATLiens (I apparently jock the living shit out of Outkast) and  The Beatles Abbey Road, There will NEVER be a more memorable record than this to me.
NT-Is there anything about those album(s) that you know they just "got it right"?
CO-I think the big thing for each of those records is they were original, there are not any others like it before or after. ALL very "vibe" oriented and heavy. All thoughtful.
NT-Do you have any "desert island" records to share?
CO-I think the ones I just mentioned.
NT-How did you hook up with Brother Ali for the song "Flashbacks"?
CO-I met Brother Ali when I was like....19 I think. I went to a lot of shows back then, he did a song called picket fences and I got to talk with him after a show about it..It just HIT me like a ton of bricks. I went to a show the next night and he didn't perform it and I was kinda bummed about it. He saw me afterwards and I asked why? and he said to keep his show fresh each night...So he asked for a ride to get some food JUST so he could show me that song on cd,( I made a big stink about it) about 3 months later I went to a show he did in Illinois because I wanted to ask him to do a song with me, I was nervous the whole trip..Back in that day I really looked up to those rhymesayers guys, (still do they paved the way for a lot of people like me) after his set he came out to talk to me for awhile, I asked for a verse and to my surprise he agreed. He had given me his number..Which I am sure he wished he hadn't of by the time the song was recorded. Ali was used to people asking him for verses and never following through I am sure..I called him once a week...I bugged the shit out of him. Finally I hooked up a show in Nashville and got the verse recorded the next day. He did it for free. That was a very big thing for me back then and it still helps me sell records. Ali's the nicest guy you'd ever want to meet, I'm still appreciative to this day...After he did his verse I thanked him and he said "nah man, you MADE that shit happen" and laughed it off. I owe a lot to him.
NT-What equipment are you working with in the studio?
CO-Well, a lot of my stuff you hear is recorded in the same studio that Usher and Mario Winans used. Not because I have the money for that, But because my right hand man and producer works for Big 3 Studios in Florida. I was recording a lot with Nick Gasmena At the Hit Warehouse and he has since moved out to Phoenix, So Im building up my home studio now.
NT-Could you describe your music-making process?
CO-Eric and I take really long to make records. This is a video of some stuff going down...

NT-How have people responded to the music you've have been making?
CO-I get a lot of love. It's surprising,honestly. I take really long to make albums because I want them to sound like ALBUMS. I still have a grip of friends from the success of a record I brought out in 2005 that got re-released on a different label in 2009. I'm extremely lucky for people to still care about me. I promise what I am working on is worth the wait.
NT-Is there any surprises or a record in the works right now?
CO-YES! I'm finishing up a record called "The Monster and The Wishing Well" It's by far my best work ever. Eric and I put our heads together on this and will not settle for a single song on the album to lack anything...I don't want to go back on it in 5 years and wish that a single song sounded differently. I also have the sequel to table scraps coming out in not too long called Second Helpings. Which are all the features, and lost verses I've done that don't fit on a record.
NT-Any emcee's your looking forward to collaborating with in the future?
CO-I have a couple of guest appearances on The Monster. P.O.S. Will be on there along with Intuition.
NT-Are you picky when it comes to working with an artist?
CO-I used to work with just anyone. I still will do a track for anyones project as long as I agree with what the song is about and I have the time for it. For my records, I won't work with an artist JUST because they have a buzz. I want the song to make sense for them to be on. I want it to work and not just be worked on.
NT-Is anyone producing for you in particular right now?
CO-Yes. I work with Eric Hunter. He is a fucking genius and I mean that in every definition of the word. If there was no Eric Hunter there would be no Cas One.
NT-Have you been getting good press recently? Any blogs been a buzz with you lately?
CO-I got a tooooon of press last year when they re-released liberation. I've been laying low lately finishing up the monster..Hopefully we get that momentum back when it's done.
NT-What's the perfect crowd to you?
CO-Intimate and responsive. I want my show to build off the energy of the room. I'm every word of my songs on stage. I love the stage more than studio.
NT-Do you have any shows coming up or tour dates?
CO-I do! Im going to be touring the west coast this Aug/Sep, I'll be in Seattle,Denver,Portland,New Mexico, L.A.,San Diego, San Francisco, Vegas etc etc etc. I am not allowed to announce the dates and venues until July 1st So PLEASE "like" my Facebook or befriend me on myspace so that we can meet each other and hug. I'll be on the road with; Sadistik and Kid Called Computer, Kristoff Krane and Alexipharmic!
NT-What's your take on the internet, has it helped or hurt you in terms of reaching an audience or making your money?
CO-Helped way more than hurt. I see a ton of torrent sites that have my albums out there, I could email em if I wanted to...but why? I don't care about money as much as I care about you all listening to me. It all adds up when I get to hit the road. People usually buy it if they download it. You would not be reading this if internet didn't help me.
NT-Where can people go to hear and buy your music?
CO-You can get it at itunes, amazon, fifth element online...Pretty much all the big ones online.
NT-last question...when you hit the venue, what drink is getting ordered first?
CO-I drink any Dark beer. If it isn't beer I drink Jack and water. Thug life.
NT-Anything else to add for the readers? The haters? Any shout outs?
CO-COME TO A SHOW! Let's be friends. Let's give each other high fives and think about how good music used to be. Shouts to all the people who still care about me and the people that will care about me if they give it a chance!



This is an older video but I think everyone deserves to see this. Check Edison out here and purchase his record "All The Information At Hand."

edison - tonka truck from edison on Vimeo. Share

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(via SD)

Download Black Sheep - Party Tonight Featuring Jean Grae Share


Sure you fucking do!

"I put together this project of “lost doggies” that didn’t belong on an album, but still are (what I believe) good songs. I pressed up 500 copies of the Table Scraps EP and it sold out long ago (on the 2007 Darfur Now Tour).

The Table Scraps EP was recorded in a week in my old apartment and was mastered (by Sauce) in 3 days. Although this isn’t my “real” album, I hope it will get everyone warmed up for the extended freEps (Second Helpings and Bad News For People Who Love Hip-Hop) that will be out soon."

Download CasOne - Table Scraps EP

He's also got a few other songs for you as well. A remix to a Drake song called "Fear" which you can download here. And a XX remix you can download here.

Have at it padawans. Share


I'm upping this because the song is just great! You should all get to know Cas One...check his Myspace and 'Like' his Facebook page.






"In late 2008, my family and I were given an opportunity to spend three months in China. We were boarded at an elementary/middle school in the small town of Jingjiang, situated on the Yangtze River about two hours from Shanghai. My wife taught English at the school, my three young kids attended a few classes and I spent my days exploring. We also did as much travelling as my wife’s schedule would allow. On one massively intense trip, we journeyed to the birth villages of each of my daughters (two of my three children were adopted from China). But, mostly, we inserted ourselves into the day to day life of Jingjiang.

Jingjiang is a small town in relative terms. Its official population is 650,000, but its actual population is closer to 1,000,000, a mere speck on the Chinese demographic landscape. We were welcomed with open arms by anyone in the town who could put three English words together. Homes were opened to us, we were feted at every possible occasion and in every possible style, we created friendships that are only possible under such intense and foreign conditions and had adventures that have already become part of our family lore. It was a storybook experience, overwhelming to say the least, perhaps even life altering for my daughters.

Most of the music that I heard in Jingjiang was uninspired Taiwanese pop and Euro-pop, blaring from tinny speakers in every shop and out of every taxicab window. The most interesting music was found in the parks, where the traditional music was played. On most Sundays, I would head down to Renmin Park and sit in a tiny pavilion that was home to a music club performing music from the Beijing opera. Every city, town and village in China has a Renmin Park. Translated, it means People’s Park and it is in the park where the community’s social life is conducted.

Depending on the time of day, different musicians would be gathered with their erhus, pipas, shangxians and various percussion instruments. There was never any shortage of singers. Each would wait their turn and then stand up and belt out a song written long ago about love lost, stolen or betrayed. Most of the players were great, most of the singers were not so great, but they all approached the music with passion. I was always welcomed with much fanfare. No one in the “club” spoke any English and all I could master in mandarin was “happy new year”, so no words were exchanged, but none of that mattered. I recorded dozens of performances.

About half way through our stay I caught a lucky break. I was introduced to young man by the name of Eric Chen. He spoke excellent English (he learned it by watching American movies) and he was a music freak. He was also desperate to talk to someone about music, because, as he told me on our first meeting, he was “not only the only person in Jingjiang who had ever heard the music of Radiohead, but the only person who had ever even heard the name Radiohead.” We quickly became friends and we spent a lot of time together. One day there was a knock on the door and it was Chen carrying an almost portable stereo system and dozens of CDs. My introduction to the Chinese rock scene began in earnest. Chen introduced me to the ground-breaking, emotionally gut wrenching music of He Yong; the dour, introspective sounds of the brilliant Dou Wei; the prog-rock tinged musings of The Tang Dynasty; the melodic Cure-meets-Steve Earle pop of Xu Wei and the inspired innovative sounds of Zuoxiao Zuzhou (ZXZZ). He introduced me to dozens more artists who had sprung up on the Chinese rock scene since the ‘new openness’ of the mid -1980’s. He showed me videos of legendary concerts in which some of these artists had performed and cemented their reputations. It was a great awakening for me. Two of the artists that I really became attached to were Xu Wei (but only his first album, as all of us hipsters know full well) and ZXZZ. There was something about Xu Wei’s guttural voice and simple, haunting melodies that really attracted me and the breadth and unusualness of ZXZZ’s work still fascinates me today (sort of a Leonard Cohen meets Nick Cave by way of Tom Waits). We decided to cover a song by each of these artists on Renmin Park (ZXZZ’s “I Cannot Sit Sadly By Your Side” and Xu Wei’s “My Fall”). Chen translated the lyrics and then I turned those translations into song lyrics. We also asked ZXZZ to contribute an original lyric and vocal performance to “A Walk In The Park,” a track we had recorded.

When we first arrived in China, one of the things that struck me immediately, aside from the poor air quality, were the sounds. Not only was it loud and unrelenting, but there were so many textures to the sounds that were completely foreign to my Western ears. So I wrote back home and asked brother Pete (Timmins) to pick me up a high-end portable digital recorder and carried it along with my camera wherever I went. I’d spend hours in the park walking around and recording music and conversations, exercise classes and badminton games; in the streets I’d record the intense sound of the traffic; at the school I’d wander the halls and sit in on some classes and record the students chanting their lessons or capture them at their morning calisthenics. Even the calls of various hawkers, selling everything from vegetables to propane drifting by our apartment window – I recorded it all.

I knew that I wanted to incorporate these recordings into the album we were creating, but I really wasn’t sure how to go about it. Eventually I bundled them up and sent them to our friend Joby Baker in Victoria, BC, who along with Alan (Anton) proceeded to build musical structures with some of the field recordings as the foundation, after which Pete and I began to work on them in our studio, taking out elements that didn’t work for us and adding our own elements. And then I sat with them and wrote melodies and lyrics. Finally Margo (Timmins) came in and transformed them into Cowboy Junkies songs.

Renmin Park is a reflection of my family’s adventure in China. It’s a fictional love story about two people whose two worlds will forever keep them apart. It’s a thank-you letter to an obscure city and the people who opened up their lives to five very strange strangers. It’s a document about a bewilderingly complex culture that is, once again, experiencing a massive upheaval. It’s another chapter in a band’s ongoing twenty-five year journey.

-Michael Timmins (March 2010)"


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Peter Wolf Crier - "Hard as Nails" from Northern Outpost on Vimeo. Share

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Yeah, it's been out for over a year...not for me it hasn't I saw this today so this shit is brand new and is out today! I honestly have no clue where to get one outside of ebay because the official site for the thing is now someone's wack beat page. How sick are those, really! If anyone knows where I or anyone else can purchase one of these legit let me know. Share


New Sincere track "Let's Ride" of The Wu-Tape Mixtape coming July 18th. Download for free below or at Sincere's official more even more info on the emcee.

Sincere - Let's Ride Share


Name your own price for this great little country/folk EP from Sunny & The Kid.

<a href="">Try harder by Sunny Ali &amp; the Kid</a> Share

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From now through the end of June, all orders at the webstore will come with an original copy of pre-BMSR album, The Most Wonderfulest Thing (disc-only). This was the album that preceded Falling Through A Field, and contains a lot of the same songs, but has a lot of exclusive songs as well. Privately pressed in an edition of 500 back in 2002 - these will not be reprinted. Get one here.
Tobacco's Maniac Meat is out now! Vinyl and CDs available at the webstore. If you live in Europe, it'll be in stores next week. And if you missed it, Rough Trade will be selling the CD version bundled with their own version of the Mystic Thickness EP. Get it online here.

The Maniac Meat Tour is coming to the east in September. All dates with Dreamend, some with Junk Culture. nd this is the last chance to pick up a copy of the FUF2 Blu-Ray+DVD set.

09/09/2010 DC9, Washington
09/10/2010 First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia
09/11/2010 Ottobar, Baltimore
09/16/2010 Iron Horse, Northampton
09/17/2010 Higher Ground, South Burlington
09/18/2010 Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge
09/23/2010 Mickey Finn's Pub, Toledo
09/24/2010 The Blind Pig, Ann Arbor
09/25/2010 The Strutt, Kalamazoo
09/29/2010 Artistika, Greensboro
09/30/2010 Local 506, Chapel Hill
10/01/2010 Square Room, Knoxville
10/02/2010 123 Pleasant Street, Morgantown



<a href="">The Ocean (Remix) Feat. Slug by the OPUS</a> Share


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