Friday, May 7, 2010


Head over to Stereogum to read about the conversation notes for the Peter Gabriel/Neon Indian interview. The interview is great and gives an insight into his new covers record "Scratch My Back", or you could just watch the video...the record is no doubt going to be great.

"I became a Peter Gabriel fan(atic) after seeing “Digging In The Dirt” on VH1 in the dog days of ‘92. That September, prior to the release of Us (i.e., Peter’s followup to one of the greatest albums of all time) Peter participated in “An Intimate Conversation About Us” for Westwood One, discussing and previewing clips from the album. I stayed up late to tape it off WDRE. I was enamored.

Back in the ’90s, people like me (music nerds) would go to a record store to buy albums the day they were released. Two weeks before Us came out, I entered freshman year of high school. I didn’t yet have a driver’s license so I asked my mom to take me to Record World in Manhasset on 9/29/92. Us was the first album I bought on the day of its release.

Flash forward to last Monday 4/26/10. It’s 11:20AM and I’m standing in the rain outside Other Music, waiting for them to open the store so I can buy Scratch My Back on vinyl. I thought it would be a nice prop for a video piece Peter Gabriel had agreed to do with Stereogum that afternoon.

My vision was that Stereogum would film Peter having an “exchange of ideas” with a like-minded young artist, much in the spirit of Scratch My Back and its forthcoming companion I’ll Scratch Yours. I heard that Neon Indian’s Alan Palomo was also a PG fan, and he agreed to join. Late last month, Alan, Amrit, and I met for tacos to talk Fairlight CMI, Frippertronics, WOMAD, WITNESS, ApeNet, Real World, gated reverb, etc. We then breathed Security for a week.

We were to meet Peter at a studio space in midtown where his 50-piece orchestra was rehearsing for this week’s Radio City gigs. My friends Sam and Ari handled logistics for the production, bringing a crew of three to handle cameras, lights, sound. Everyone worked for free.

At 1PM, a half hour early, Peter rolled into our makeshift interview room, no handlers, no publicist. I introduced him to Alan, breaking the ice by pointing out that my friends bought me Xplora1 for my 15th birthday, whereas Alan was too young to know what a CD-ROM is."READ MORE HERE

"Heroes" – David Bowie

“Street Spirit (Fade Out)” – Radiohead
“The Book Of Love” – Magnetic Fields
“Flume” – Bon Iver
“My Body Is A Cage” – Arcade Fire
“Listening Wind” – Talking Heads
“I Think It’s Going to Rain Today” – Randy Newman
“Apr├Ęs Moi” – Regina Spektor or Eartha Kitt
“Waterloo Sunset” – The Kinks
“The Boy In The Bubble” – Paul Simon
“The Power Of The Heart” – Lou Reed
“Philadelphia” – Neil Young
“Mirrorball” – Elbow




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