Thursday, April 29, 2010


This compilation is another showcase of local Minnesota talent titled "The Best of Smoke-Free Saturday nights Vol. 3" and is 22 tracks deep. This was sponsered by Pulse of the Twin Cities and Disc Burn.

1. The Alarmists - Good Advice
2. Koalas - Cecil Otter Is My Friend
3. Choplogic - Rosy
4. Doric - Leaving You Behind
5. Missing Numbers - Minor Cut
6. Superhopper - Does This Sound Exciting?
7. The Future - Prop Goth
8. Middlepicker - the Nasty
9. The New Red - Out Of Luck
10. Danger Boy And The Road Vultures - '78 Nova
11. XOXO, Judy - Upper Hand
12. Moonshine Flush - Clear Channel Whore
13. Seymore Saves The World - Dirty Needles
14. Fort Wilson Riot - Orange Haired Woman
15. 24 Reasons Why - But Anyway...
16. Death In Small Doses - Attention Def TV Set
17. The Softrocks - The Glade
18. Rank Strangers - Khan!
19. Slinger - Stand
20. Fighter Hyabusa - Busa Anthem
21. Incommunicado - Interrupted
22. Harp And Final - Minnesota

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